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Miracles in Uganda!

Partners Frank and Susan Tibagendeka in Uganda shared the following report with us: "This is another update about the prayer rally held at Conquerors Ministries compound on 31st December 2011. In this... Read More

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2+ Months ago

Christmas Outreach in Kenya

We received the following report from Partners Tom and Eunice Opiyo in Kenya: "Greetings in Christ and Happy New Year 2012. These are some of the photos of those who benefited before and during ... Read More

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2+ Months ago

Team Visits Zambia!

Partners Nate Tanner and Tom Bonham took a team to Zambia. With the assistance of Partners Paul and Pamela Sichone in Zambia, they had wonderful meetings and ministry. Nate writes, "After six airp... Read More

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posted: 12/18/2009Andy and Debbie Greene Visit George and Berna Senyonga in Uganda
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posted: 12/1/2009Evangelistic Miracle Crusade in the Philippines
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posted: 6/12/2009Graduation in Cameroon
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posted: 2/27/2009Getting Free Living Free Conference, Kampala, Uganda
posted: 2/3/2009Silvi and Phebe Kothapally dedicate a new church
posted: 1/30/2009LEAVES OF LIFE
posted: 12/17/2008Partner Cross Africa to Network
posted: 12/9/2008Aid for Orissa Refugees
posted: 12/5/2008Andy and Debbie Greene Take Team to Romania
posted: 7/29/2008Dr. P and Vasantha Paramanandam Share Great Report
posted: 7/25/2008Tex and Melesha Cox Announce a Birth!
posted: 7/3/2008Anticipation at In Motion Ministries, Colorado
posted: 6/27/2008Fire In Mandapeta Village in India
posted: 6/9/2008Miracles are Happening All Around Jon and Kokeb Palmer
posted: 5/27/2008David and Ruth Ojelade Minister to Muslims
posted: 5/15/2008Inty and Sanjeeva Yesupadam Hold Vacation Bible School
posted: 5/13/2008The Raju's Begin Training for Bible Clubs
posted: 5/11/2008Silvi and Phebe Kothapally Send a Good Report
posted: 5/5/2008Partners David and Ruth Ojelade Send a Good Report
posted: 5/2/2008Congratulations to Partners Ed and Mona Shirley
posted: 5/2/2008Praise Report from Trish Lenihan
posted: 4/14/2008FMIN Partner Edith Hands Out Loaves of Life
posted: 4/11/2008The Kizhakkevila Family Minister in Indian Villages
posted: 4/7/2008Partner Loloy Lapiz Ministers to Police
posted: 4/3/2008A Miracle of Birth In Kenya!
posted: 4/2/2008Baptism Service in the Philippines
posted: 3/31/2008Silvi and Phebe Kothapally Report from India
posted: 3/26/2008Great Reports from Daniel and Lily Kizhakkevila in India!
posted: 3/26/2008Octamoliere and Odette Liberius Celebrate 40 Years in Ministry
posted: 3/20/2008Worship Clinic with Rocky Green Available!
posted: 3/18/2008Palm Sunday in India with the Raju's
posted: 3/10/2008Fred and Grace Mwanje Hold Baptism Service
posted: 3/6/2008Isaac Kinyua Discovers He's Empowered to Make a Difference!
posted: 3/5/2008Partners Marv and Donna Schra are Happy Grandparents!
posted: 3/3/2008Perfecto and Comoylao Mumar Report Baptisms
posted: 3/2/2008Liberia Partners Moses and Ruth Wheigar Expand the Ministry!
posted: 2/19/2008Church Expansion In Meru Kenya
posted: 2/4/2008David Kinyua Holds Crusade in Village Near Meru Kenya
posted: 2/4/2008Gunipe and Grace Raju Feed Many
posted: 1/21/2008Curt and Barb Cain are Blessing Many in Unique Ways
posted: 1/13/2008Daniel and Lily Kizhakkevila Enjoyed a Fruitful Convention
posted: 12/19/2007Norton and Raquel da Silva Report on Portugal Conference
posted: 12/18/2007Gunipe and Grace Raju Do Have Plenty to Share!
posted: 12/17/2007Partner Daniel Kizhakkevila Blesses Missionaries
posted: 12/17/2007Denise Renner Expands into TV
posted: 12/13/2007Youth Camp Report from Kenya
posted: 11/13/2007Children in India hear good news in midst of Hindu Festival!
posted: 11/1/2007Andy and Debbie Greene minister with FMIN Partners in Uganda
posted: 10/30/2007John Donnelly completes marathon!!
posted: 10/9/2007Karen Urbank announces engagement!
posted: 10/9/2007US Team networks in Kenya
posted: 10/9/2007Networking in India
posted: 10/9/2007Communication is everything!
posted: 10/9/2007Evangelism Action in Small English Village
posted: 10/9/2007Nation's Capitol Visited
posted: 10/9/2007Bowling Evangelism in Russia!
posted: 10/9/2007Salvation and healing included in dedication services in Fairplay, Colorado, USA
posted: 10/9/2007Witnesses for Jesus Christ in Myanmar!
posted: 10/9/2007Healing Testimony from Meru, Kenya
posted: 10/9/2007Medical Missions and Preaching/Teaching Duo goes to Philippines
posted: 10/9/2007Girls from Church in Ganado, Arizona, take High School Basketball State Championship!
posted: 10/9/2007Grandchildren are a gift from God!
posted: 8/23/2007JoAnne Ross Mina -- July 8 1940 - July 30 2007
posted: 8/22/2007FMIN Bible College
posted: 8/7/2007A Decade of Serving the Lord in Kenya
posted: 7/12/2007Deborah Wittmier teaches on "Who Are You?"
posted: 7/12/2007Pastor gives thanks, asks for mission aid
posted: 7/12/2007News from Clifton Coulter Ministries
posted: 6/27/2007Stewarts have new granddaughter
posted: 6/18/2007Greetings from Kenya
posted: 6/11/2007Pires Family to be Blessed with New Baby
posted: 6/11/2007Meador Wedding a Joyous Occasion
posted: 6/7/2007Moscow Good News Church graduates 4th class of students
posted: 6/7/2007Revival Gospel Church April mission
posted: 6/7/2007India Gospel Ministries baptizes 25 in three months
posted: 6/7/2007Khokhar mission to India a wonderful experience
posted: 5/4/2007X-Factor youth ministry celebrates day of joy
posted: 5/4/2007Lasting Impact Ministries in Uganda is seeing many blessings
posted: 4/30/2007Crusade in Uganda
posted: 4/30/2007Pakistan Healing Crusade
posted: 4/30/2007Spreading the Gospel in India

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